One of the joys of being a cat owner is having the front row seat to all of their shenanigans. And there’s nothing quite like watching a cat play with a catnip toy. They become totally possessed, running around and rubbing all over the toy in ecstasy. And the bunny kicks are pure gold.

So why not add a sprinkle of comedy into the mix and get your cat a catnip toy that looks like human food. It’s just funnier – watching a cat freak out over a taco than a regular stuffed mouse.

Fortune cookies cat toys

fortune cookies catnip cat toys

The life of a cat isn’t all fun and games, you know. Sure, they get to sleep all day, but that can get pretty boring after a while. That’s why they need a little encouragement now and then, a friendly reminder that exciting times lie ahead, in the form of fortune cookie catnip toys.

cat with fortune cookie catnip toy

These adorable little toys come complete with a fortune sticking out of the top, just like real fortune cookies. But instead of predictions about your career or love life, these fortunes are all cat-appropriate, with phrases such as “watch out for dogs” or “people adore you”. Combined with soft fleece and potent organic catnip, these toys will make your cat excited for what the future holds.

Blueberry pancakes catnip toy

blueberry pancake catnip toy

For those of us with a taste for the finer things in life, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a leisurely brunch with friends. But just because your friend is on a furrier side doesn’t mean your cat has to miss out on the experience.

blueberry pancake cat toys

With these blueberry pancake catnip toys, your kitty can enjoy the next best thing. The closest a catnip toy can get to real food, these are the fluffiest, most delicious-looking pancakes topped with blueberries and filled with certified organic catnip. Meow app├ętit!

Chocolate-covered strawberries toys

chocolate-covered strawberries catnip toys

Every cat owner knows the feeling. You see your cat, lounging around the house all day, and you just want to spoil them. Bury that little rascal in gifts, ignored cat beds, and luxury cat toys. And what screams ‘luxury’ more than chocolate-covered strawberries catnip toys?

chocolate-covered strawberries catnip toys

And while your furry glutton revels in the scent of catnip, you’ll know that you’ve done right by your cat. He’s living his best life with a chocolate-covered strawberry toy clenched in his tiny teeth.

Pretzel cat toys

pretzel catnip toy for cats

If you’ve ever seen your cat contort its body into a pretzel-like shape, you might as well double down on this visual and get it a pretzel-shaped catnip toy.

cheese pretzel cat toy

This catnip-toy is a highly-detailed rendering of the snack, down to the flakes of salt captured in white stitches. And you get to choose whether it is chocolate or cheese pretzel that you, or rather your cat, have a hankering for. Both are filled with aromatic catnip so follow your deepest pretzel desires.

Freshly baked croissant catnip toy

croissant cat toy

“Meoooow, I could’ve dropped my croissant!”

Sorry, just had to get this 2014 Vine out of my system. Anyway, getting your kitty a life-like croissant catnip toy doesn’t need much convincing.

croissant catnip toys

It is highly detailed and rather large so your cat will be able to bunny kick the living daylights out of this poor pastry. And with soft fleece and 1/4 cup of organic catnip inside, your kitty will be rubbing, and licking, and hugging this toy for eternity.

And while we’re on the subject of French cuisine, I think it is also my duty to draw your attention to these baguette catnip toys.

Sushi menu catnip toys

sushi food catnip toys

If cats were human, they would be all over sushi. But while they are trapped in their feline form, they’ll have to settle for these sushi catnip toys. Although you can hardly call it “settling” when they get to play with these adorable toys filled with catnip and a safety rattle.

sushi set of catnip cat toys

You can assemble your own menu for your kitty by choosing between maki and California rolls, nigiri, tamago, squid, and more. And no sushi selection is complete without a soy sauce packet!

These little cat toys that look like food are sure to keep your kitty entertained for hours on end. And, full disclosure, they might even make you a little hungry for snacks yourself.

The realistic design of these toys is sure to appeal to your cat’s natural hunting instincts, and the potent catnip filling will have them bouncing around like there’s no tomorrow.