If you’re living in a small apartment, the last thing you need is a giant dog bed taking up valuable real estate. But don’t worry, there are plenty of options available that won’t make your home feel like a kennel.

It all comes down to what kind of furniture you place in your home. When it comes to choosing furniture for small spaces, pet-friendly pieces are a must. Not only do they save floor space, but they also provide a comfortable place for your furry friend to sleep.

Pet furniture that addresses separation anxiety

doze pet furniture

One such piece is the Doze Pet Furniture from designer Ashleigh Davies. The Doze is a two-in-one piece of furniture that serves as both a side table and a pet bed.

It was carefully designed to address separation anxiety in dogs (something that has become a more common problem in the last few years). Everything from the bed’s shape to comfortable materials aims to create a safe space for any pooch to burrow in and relax.

doze pet furniture

Let’s start with the obvious. The side table is a treat for the eyes. A smooth finish and gentle curves make it a beautiful modern addition to every home.

But what makes it truly special (and what has made us write about it) is a comfortable dog bed situated at its base. Made of memory foam and hypoallergenic materials, the bed is just the right size for small to medium-sized dogs.

doze pet furniture

The diagonal design also strikes an ideal balance between open and closed space — so your dog can feel cool on warmer days while still indulging her burrowing instincts. To further focus on temperature control, the pet bed was designed to sit on for legs and above the floor, allowing the air to circulate even below the bed.

The 2.5-in-1 multipurpose piece of furniture for dogs and humans

doze pet furniture

So yeah, it is a two-in-one piece of furniture that serves both humans and dogs. However, you can argue that it’s actually a 3-in-1 pet bed table. Or, at the very least, a 2.5-in-1.

The point is that the top of the Doze side table can be removed and used as a lap desk. It will in no way interfere with your dog’s sleeping space or the structural integrity of the table. But it is a nice option to have if you’re ever working from home on your laptop and need a place to set it down. Or use it as a food tray. Or a lap desk for writing, sketching, and taking notes.

The possibilities are endless.

doze pet furniture

The Doze is made from plywood and features a beautiful walnut finish. The smooth curves and simple design make it a great addition to any home – especially a small apartment short on space.

You can find out more about the Doze on Ashleigh Davies’ website, from how the idea for it was conceived to how it was designed.

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