We are gathered here today to talk about dog poop. Not the most pleasant topic of conversation but a necessary one nonetheless. Especially since collecting dog poop is about to get a lot less gross with ‘Poopail’ on our radars.

poopail dog waste collector

Poopail is a dog waste collector that is making the not-so-fun task of scooping up after Fido a little bit easier. It features a sturdy bucket with a long handle for easy carrying and positioning, as well as a corresponding scooper for getting all the waste into the container.

More sizes for improved mobility

poopail dog waste collector

Why is it a gamechanger? Well, first of all, picking up dog droppings through a plastic bag doesn’t protect your senses from the smell or the warm squishy texture you can feel with your hand.

Second, the ‘Poopail’ comes with two size options, regular and tall. As the latter one’s name suggests, it has an extra-long handle which can be a huge help for those with limited mobility, the elderly, or simply those who have trouble bending down to collect the dog waste. This, combined with the handy scooper, allows you to quickly and easily transfer the waste into the bucket without turning it into a balancing act.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

poopail dog waste collector

Third, keeping the dog waste in one bucket without needing to constantly wrap each individual dropping into a plastic bag has several benefits. It is much more budget-friendly to get a larger bag that will last you a week rather than a bunch of single-use plastic bags. Additionally, foregoing single-use plastic bags (even biodegradable ones) can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that is currently sitting in sanitary landfills.

Can you compost dog poop?

poopail dog waste collector

With ‘Poopail’ by your side, you could actually look into composting dog waste. There is this reigning misconception that dog poop is not compostable but it is simply not true. You can absolutely turn dog poop into compost.

This myth rather comes from the fact that you can’t use this dog-poop-turned-compost in your vegetable and fruit gardens. The parasites and bacteria in the dog waste (E. coli, salmonellae, various worms) can live in the soil for years and contaminate your plants which would, consequently, taint your produce.

So while you can’t use dog poop compost on vegetables that you plan on consuming, it is perfectly fine to use it on other parts of your property, such as flower beds, trees, shrubs, and landscaping.

Fortunately, ‘Poopail’ comes with large, compostable bags that can collect up to a week’s worth of waste. So if you are interested in composting your dog’s poop, you should definitely check out this article on how to do that.

Odorless and easy to store

poopail dog waste collector

Now, you may be thinking “a week’s worth of dog poop resting in a bucket is ought to smell like death itself”. And you would be right if it weren’t for the fact that ‘Poopail’ has a sealed lid. This way, you can keep the odor at bay and not have to worry about any foul smells emanating from your yard.

All in all, ‘Poopail’ is an easy and efficient way of collecting dog waste without any of the drawbacks that come with alternative methods. So if you are in the market for a dog waste collector, ‘Poopail’ is definitely worth checking out.

‘Poopail’ is currently shipping out orders to their crowdfunding backers. But once those are shipped, you can also get one for yourself. You can subscribe to their newsletter and be notified when ‘Poopail’ is in stock.